Curriculum Vitae

Sharon E. Mason, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy & Religion
University of Central Arkansas
201 Donaghey Avenue
Conway, AR 72035
Email: smason [at] uca [dot] edu

Areas of Specialization

contemporary analytic epistemology, especially self-knowledge, the first-person perspective, internalism/externalism, virtue epistemology

Areas of Competence

epistemology, early modern philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, social epistemology, social metaphysics, philosophy of food


Ph.D., Philosophy, Indiana University: June 2016 (minor in History and Philosophy of Science)

M.A., Philosophy, Northern Illinois University: August 2007

B.A., Philosophy & B.A., Communications, Cedarville University: May 2003

Academic Experience

University of Central Arkansas, Department of Philosophy & Religion, Assistant Professor (2017- present)

University of Central Arkansas, Department of Philosophy & Religion, Visiting Assistant Professor (2016-2017)

Indiana University, Department of Philosophy, Associate Instructor (2007-2016)

Waubonsee Community College, Department of Philosophy, Adjunct Faculty (2007-2013)

Northern Illinois University, Department of Philosophy, Teaching Assistant (2005-2007)

Academic Publications

“Agent-Awareness in Reflective Knowledge”. Erkenntnis, published online Nov. 7, 2017.

Review of Brett Coppenger and Michael Bergmann, eds. Intellectual Assurance: Essays on Epistemic
Internalism. Oxford University Press 2016. Philosophy in Review, Vol 37, No 2 (2017): April.

Review of Robert Audi, Means, Ends, & Persons: The Meaning & psychological Dimensions of Kant’s Humanity Formula. Oxford University Press 2016. Metapsychology Online, Mar 7th 2017 (Volume 21, Issue 10)

Conference Presentations

“Climate Change as Willful Hermeneutical Ignorance” (refereed); Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World Annual Conference; August 2017: Estes Park, CO

“The Sophisticated Thermometer Problem” (refereed); Mid-South Philosophy Conference, March 2017: Rhodes College, Memphis TN

“Externalism for Doxastic Agents?” (refereed); Tennessee Value and Agency Conference; September 4-5, 2015: University of Tennessee-Knoxville

“The Perspective of Rational Deliberation” (refereed); American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting; February 18-21, 2015: St. Louis, MO

“Knowledge and Certainty: The case against dogmatism” (refereed); Midsouth Philosophy Conference; February 22-23, 2008: Memphis, TN

Other Presentations

“Eating the Other” (invited); presentation and panel discussion for the Univeristy of Central Arkansas College of Liberal Arts Immigration & America – “The Melting Pot: Politics & Culture in a Diverse Society”; November 9, 2017: Conway, AR

“The Science of Science” (invited); panel discussion at Science Wednesday, sponsored by the University of Central Arkansas Society of Physics Students; September 27, 2017: Conway, AR

“The Sophisticated Thermometer Problem” (invited); Valparaiso University, Department of Philosophy; January 19, 2015: Valparaiso, IN

“Externalism for Doxastic Agents?” (invited); Northwestern University Epistemology Brownbag Series; October 16, 2013: Chicago, IL

“The Perspective of Rational Deliberation” (invited); Brand Lecture, Indiana University, Department of Philosophy; April 5, 2013: Bloomington, IN

“The Knowing Agent” (invited); Indiana University Graduate Student Colloquium Series, February 12, 2010: Bloomington, IN

Guest Lecturer for Human Biology Seminar, Indiana University, Bloomington. September 17, 2015. Special Topic: “Food & Memory”

Chaired Sessions and Commentaries

Chair for Central Division APA Colloquium Session, “Circularity, Closure, and Meno Problems” March 1, 2017: Kansas City, MO

Commentator for Alisbeth Ayars’s “Promising “Against the Evidence” by Challenging the Evidence”, Mid-South Philosophy Conference, March 2017: Memphis, TN

Chair for John Greco’s session on “Testimony and the Transmission of Religious Knowledge” Social Epistemology of Religious Belief Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington: October 8-10, 2015

Commentator for Nellie Wieland’s “Hearing the Voice of Competence”, Mid-South Philosophy Conference, February 22-23, 2008: Memphis, TN

Commentator for the Northern Illinois University Graduate Student Aesthetics Conference April 21-22, 2006: DeKalb, IL

Undergraduate Thesis Supervision

Mary Ellen Johnson’s Honors Thesis, “Fair to Blame?: Exploring Moral Luck through a Pedagogical Computer Game”, University of Central Arkansas Honors Program. Completed Fall 2017.

Committee Work

Foundation Funds Oversight Committee, Member. University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR, 2017-2018.

Philosophy Department Climate Committee, Graduate Student Liaison. Indiana University, Bloomington. 2015-2016. This committee works to promote inclusiveness and diversity in the IU philosophy department.

Graduate Colloquium Committee, Northern Illinois University, Academic Year 2006-2007

Fellowships, Honors, and Awards

Clark Essay Prize, Indiana University, May 2014

Myles and Peg Brand Graduate Fellowship in Philosophy, Indiana University, Academic Year 2012- 2013

C. Mason and Madeline Myers Graduate Philosophy Award, Northern Illinois University, Academic Year 2006-2007

University Fellowship, Northern Illinois University, Academic Year 2006-2007


References available upon request.